International Program

8:30 am - 9:00 am

Potsdam III

Keynote Lecture:
Update on Local Anesthesia

S. Malamed (USA)

Chair: W. Jakobs (Germany), E. Kaufman (Israel)


9:00 am - 10:30 am

Potsdam III

Local Anesthetics I

Chair: W. Jakobs (Germany), E. Kaufman (Israel)

9:00 am

Technical aspects of local Anesthesia

P. W. Kämmerer (Germany)

9:20 am

Emergencies and unexpected events during local anesthesia

G. Wahl (Germany)

9:40 am

Estimation of efficiency and safety of Intraseplal anesthesia application on out-patient stomatologic reception

L. Kuropatova, S. Rabinovich (Russian Federation)

9:50 am

The effect of articaine in pulpal and soft-tissue anesthesia using infraorbital nerve block

K. Michel (Germany)

10:00 am

Buffering of local anesthetic drugs

M. Falkel (USA)

10:20 am

Effectiveness and comfort of articaine 4% with epinephrine 1:100,000 vs. buffered  (alkalinized) articaine 4% with epinephrine 1:100,000 by inferior alveolar nerve block in pediatric dentistry

E. Stein Rosenbaum (Mexico)

10:30 am


10:40 am - 11:10 am    Coffee Break in the exhibition area


10:00 am - 12:00 pm


Poster Session/Poster Exibition

Posters will be visited by the Chairmen.
Chair: K. Crowley (USA), E. Facco (Italy), N. Robb (UK), M. Sommer (Germany), H. Luckey (Germany)


  1. The effects of diabetic neuropathy on cardiovascular response to noxious stimuli in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats
    T. Ohnuki; A. Boku; M. Inoue; H. Niwa (Japan)
  2. Interaction of orexin in dorsal root ganglia cells
    M. Ishikawa; A. Uda; K. Shibutani (Japan)
  3. The inhibitory effect of locally administered dexmedetomidine on acute inflammatory pain in rats
    Y. Honda; R. Onishi; H. Higuchi; H. Tanimura; M. Kodama; M. Mori; K. Takaya; M. Suda; A. Yabuki-Kawase; A. Yamane-Hirano; M. Ishii-Maruhama; Y. Tomoyasu; S. Maeda; T. Miyawaki (Japan)
  4. Tramadol hydrochloride / Acetaminophen combination tablet is effective for patients with chronic orofacial pain
    T. Handa; K. Fukuda; T. Ichinohe (Japan)
  5. The Placeboeffect in the context of topical anaesthesia in dentistry
    B. Schuster; R. Klinger; J. König; M. Daubländer (Germany)

    Local Anesthesia

  6. Inhibition of Na,K-ATPase activity by propofol, lidocaine and procaine and the reversal of inhibition
    Y. Hase; K. Suzuki; M. Shibuya; M. Koga; T. Fujisawa (Japan)
  7. The effects of lidocaine on calcium release and the role of pathways in swine lingual artery contraction induced with agonists
    K. Sato; M. Chikuda; M. Ota; M. Shozushima; S. Joh (Japan)
  8. Study of Impacts of Local Anesthesia on Hemomicrocirculation of Teeth Pulp
    E. Anisimova; S. Ermoljev; S. Sokhov; O. Elena; L. Pershina (Russian Federation)
  9. Effect of Infiltration Anesthesia with High Pressure
    M. Endo; S. Yamazaki (Japan)
  10. The optimal pressure selection of anesthetic solution injection when infiltration anesthesia
    O. N. Moskovets; A. S. Babikov; S. A. Rabinovich; R. V. Antonenkov (Russian Federation)
  11. Diffusion of local anesthetic solution in the tissues at the supraperiosteal injection and the influencing factors
    O. N. Moskovets; A. S. Babikov; S. A. Rabinovich; R. V. Antonenkov (Russian Federation)
  12. The optimal amount selection of solution when infiltration anesthesia
    O. N. Moskovets; A. S. Babikov; S. A. Rabinovich; R. V. Antonenkov (Russian Federation)
  13. Effect of topical anesthesia using 2% lidocaine hydrochloride solution in an adhesive tape
    N. Matsuura; T. Kishimoto; T. Ichinohe (Japan)
  14. Comparison of anesthetic efficacy of 2% and 4% articaine in inferior alveolar nerve block for tooth extraction – a double-blinded
    P. W. Kämmerer; D. Schneider; V. Palarie; E. Schiegnitz; M. Daubländer (Germany)
  15. Clinical cases complications of local anesthesia during maxillofacial surgery in infants
    V. Paykush; I. Shchurovska; N. Andriyevska (Ukraine)
  1. Articaine - to use or not to use?
    V. Yeung (United Kingdom)


  1. The Effect of Sedation on the Change of Hemodynamics and Autonomic Nervous Activities by Cold Pressure Test
    T. Shibutani; K. Taniyama; J. Yukawa; M. Ishida; A. Nakanomori (Japan)
  2. Changes in autonomic nervous activities during propofol or midazolam-propofol sedation
    K. Sawaguchi; N. Matsuura; T. Ichinohe (Japan)
  3. An Audit of sedation need using IOSN scoring
    G. George; R. Hollins (United Kingdom)
  4. - canceled -
  5. Use of BIS (Bi Spectral Index) for sedation monitoring in Morbidly Obese Patient
    G. George; L. Kaura (United Kingdom)
  6. A new nasal cannula based nitrous oxide sedation system. Does it work?
    F. G. Mathers; G. Walgenbach; P. Reiter-Nohn; P. W. Kämmerer (Germany)
  7. Study of the recovery from intravenous sedation with midazolam using an eye movement tracking device TalkEye Lite®
    Y. Tomita; K. Sano (Japan)
  8. Inhalation of high concentration of oxygen does not affect ventilatory response during midazolam sedation
    A. Ninomiya; N. Matsuura; T. Ichinohe (Japan)
  9. Effect of sedation with midazolam and dexmedetomidine on adult respiratory function in outpatient dental practice
    A. Dobrodeev (Russian Federation)
  10. Comparison of respiratory pattern between propofol and midazolam-propofol sedation for dental treatment
    A. Hagiwara; N. Matsuura; T. Ichinohe (Japan)
  11. Intraoperative respiratory and circulatory changes and recovery process with infusion fentanyl and propofol sedation
    Y. Okumura; Y. Iwaizumi; Y. Orimoto; J. Harada (Japan)
  12. Sedative management during dental surgery by Dexmedetomidine for elderly patient
    M. Seto; S. Koga; M. Hirase; R. Suematsu; M. Tkaoka; T. Kikuta (Japan)
  13. Choice of anesthetic management for gerontostomatologic patients
    S. Rabinovich; T. Sukhova; E. Zoryan; E. Sheveleva (Russian Federation)
  14. A case of intravenous sedation for a glucose-6-dehydrogenase deficient pediatric patient
    N. Takahashi; T. Ogawa; Y. Sato; M. Takahashi; T. Matsumura; H. Fukayama; A. Omi (Japan)


Compromised Patients

  1. Measuring the blood pressure of a first visit patient is an effective way to detect hypertension
    S. Beppu; U. Imaizumi; N. Umezawa; M. Yasuda; T. Sato; K. Yoshida (Japan)
  2. The algorithm of dental care for pregnant women according to duration of gestation and obstetrical pathology
    A. Golikova; E. Anisimova; A. Tsvetkova (Russian Federation)
  3. The statistical analysis of the house call dental treatment in Okamoto Dental Clinic
    Y. Okamoto; M. Okamoto; Y. Okamoto (Japan)
  4. Problem of dental phobia in dental out-patient clinic
    S. Rabinovich; T. Sukhova; E. Zoryan; D. Kuzmenko (Russian Federation)
  5. Oral tumors and tumor-like lesions in Yemeni Elderly attending Outpatient Dental Clinic: A Preliminary Assessment
    S. A. Al-Maweri (Saudi-Arabia)
  6. Laryngeal Mask Use in Outpatient Dental Surgery at oligofren patient
    L. Zavodilenko; S. Rabinovich (Russian Federation)
  7. General Anesthesia for A patient with Scimitar Syndrome
    M. Endo; S. Yamazaki (Japan)
  8. General anesthesia for a dental patient with Moebius syndrome
    K. Abe; K. Okoshi; H. Fukami; K. Sunada; K. Nakamura (Japan)
  9. Atrioventricular dissociation during general anesthesia with desflurane and remifentanil: A case report
    M. Hirase; M. Seto; S. Koga; R. Suematsu; M. Takaoka; T. Kikuta (Japan)
  10. A case of general anesthesia for a dental treatment before double heart-valves replacement
    S. Joh; S. Kamata; M. Satoh; N. Sakamoto; H. Miura; A. Ohashi; A. Miyano (Japan)
  1. Telephone follow-up care for disabled patients discharged after receiving dental treatment under outpatient general anesthesia
    K.-S. Seo; S. Park; S. In Chi; S. E. Lee; H.-J. Kim (Korea)

General Anesthesia

  1. Trends of preanesthetic medication and induction of general anesthesia for the disabled in our hospital (1985 - 2014)
    A. Uda; H. Kusama; Y. Okabe; Y. Kaku; M. Suzuki; M. Shimosaka; H. Ishibashi; H. Yamaguchi; K. Shibutani (Japan)
  2. Can low carbohydrate preoperative oral rehydration solution reduce the perioperative stress in patients undergoing SSRO?
    M. Sasao-Takano; H. Taniguchi; T. Yamamoto; K. Ashigaki-Sogabe; M. Suzuki; I. Noguchi; H. Kawahara (Japan)
  3. Mallampati classification without tongue protrusion can predict difficult tracheal intubation more accurately than the upper lip bit
    S. Iwamotot; Y. Manabe; A. Toya; S. Ohno; K. Sugiyama (Japan)
  4. - cancelled -
  5. Xenon in dentistry
    S. Rabinovich; L. Zavodilenko (Russian Federation)
  6. Preoperative oral care reduces the bacterial adhesion to endotracheal tubes
    C. Endo; Y. Shimoyama; K. Satoh; M. Satoh; S. Kimura; s. Joh (Japan)
  7. The effects of general anesthetics on ESR spectra of spin labels in multilamellar and small unilamellar vesicles.
    M. Shibuya; T. Hiraoki; K. Suzuki; Y. Hase; S. Honma; T. Fujisawa (Japan)
  8. Age analysis of children in terms of the need of conducting treatment under general anesthesia
    G. Solonko; V. Paykush; N. Andrijewska; Z. Pryshko; A. Bilous (Ukraine)
  9. Dental treatment in a patient with CINCA(Chronic infantile neurologic, cutaneous, articular) syndrome under general anesthesia
    T. J. Shin; J. Lee (South Korea)


  10. Anesthesiology service in elderly patients during dental implantation
    V. Paykush; O. Kolupaev; A. Bilous; M. Uhryn; Y. Zablotskyy (Ukraine)
  11. Modern herbal remedies as a way to prevent early postoperative complications in patients after dental implantation
    N. Pivovarov; A: Drobyshev; B. Manuilov (Russian Federation)
  12. Improving the Safety of Intraosseous Anesthesia in Dental Implantation
    S. Sokhov; O. Ushakova (Russian Federation)
  13. Prediction of early complications of dental implantation using the method of bioimpedance spectrometry
    O. N. Moskovets; A. I. Ushakov; V. G. Onishienko; E. A. Bagirov; E. M. Yuryev (Russian Federation)
  14. CAMLOG versus CONELOG - Stoß-zu-Stoß versus konisch - Klinische Erfahrungen einer fortlaufenden retrospektiven Analyse
    H. Zalikowski; J. U. Wiegner; T. Kreher; F. Gwosdz (Germany)

11:10 am - 12:30 pm

Potsdam III

Local Anesthetics II

Chair: C. Holden (UK), T. Ichinohe (Japan)

11:10 am

Articain vs. lidocain

W. Jakobs (Germany)

11:30 am

Local anaesthesia related nerve injuries

T. Renton (UK)

11:50 am

To dip into the crystal ball - the challenges for local anesthesia in the future

M. Daubländer (Germany)

12:10 pm


12:30 - 1:30 pm    Lunch Break in the exhibition area


1:00 pm - 2:40 pm

Charlottenburg I

Free Papers I

Chair: D. Stewart (Australia), J. Brady (USA)

1:00 pm

A novel synoptic surgical approach for the therapy of periimplantitis: clinical case reports

B. Brinkmann (Germany)

1:10 pm

Cell mechanisms involved in human Schwann cells by dental local anaesthetics

A. Malet; M. Aftis; S. Gobron; N. Delétage; J. Haas; L. Artaud (France)

1:20 pm

Articain 4% vs Lidocain 2% after an inferior alveolar nerve block for osteotomies of impacted third molars in the mandible

S. Schiewe; J. Jackwoski; W. Jacobs (Germany)

1:30 pm

Video monitoring of aspiration with four manual syringes and one computer-assisted injection system in an in vitro model

P. W. Kämmerer; M. Daubländer (Deutschland)

1:40 pm

Morphologic Comparison of Pulp Anesthesia and Local Diffusion after Periodontal Ligament and Intrapapillary Injection

V. Palarie; P. W. Kämmerer; E. Schiegnitz; B. Al-Nawas; M. Daubländer (Moldova, Germany)

1:50 pm

Anatomical rationale for the mental nerve intraosseous branches anesthesia from the point of view of an individual approach

S. A. Rabinovich; Y. L. Vasiliev (Russian Federation)

2:00 pm

Functional-diagnostic assessment of сryoanesthesia in dental treatment of patients with chronic generalized moderate periodontitis

S. Rabinovich; V. Prikuls; Y. Vasiliev; E. Shlickova (Russian Federation)

2:10 pm

Age adjusted dosage of midazolam for erasing memory of injection pain of propofol

A. Boku, T. Ohnuki, M. Inoue, H. Niwa (Japan)

2:20 pm

Neurophysiological changes associated with implant placement

A. Hartmann; C. Welte-Jzyk; M. Daubländer (Deutschland)

2:30 pm



3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Charlottenburg I

Free Papers II

Chair: W. MacDonnell (USA), M. Ehrenfeld (Germany)

3:00 pm

Effects of dexmedetomidine on circulatory dynamics and cardiac function in chlorpromazine-administered rats

K. Sunada; A. Sakai (Japan)

3:10 pm

Relative Analgesia / Nitrous oxide sedation

A. Preketes; M. Walker; G. Mahoney; R. Turnbull (Australia)

3:20 pm

The impact of the 2015 IACSD guidance on conscious sedation provision in an Oral Surgery tertiary centre

S. Taylor; C. F. Gleeson (United Kingdom)

3:30 pm

An evaluation of clinical practice for Paediatric Dental Anaesthesia

G. George; A. Sherratt; T. Hargreaves (United Kingdom)

3:40 pm

Motivational interviewing as psychosedation in dental practice

N. Anisimova (Russian Federation)

3:50 pm

Specific Evidence Based Stabilizing Exercises for the Spine for Career Comfort and Longevity

T. H. Faerber; S. M. Nicholson (USA)

4:00 pm

Autologous blood injection as a new treatment modality for chronic recurrent temporomandibular joint dislocation

E. Daif (Egypt)

4:10 pm

A comparsion of sedation procedures in healthy (ASA I) and compromised patients (ASA II + ASA III) – a retrospective Study over 10 month
- Oral Presentation -

R. Kus, Chr. Schmidt, S. Schiewe, W. Jakobs (Germany)

4:20 pm



1:30 pm - 2:10 pm

Potsdam III

Alternative Methods / Critical Incidents

Chair: W. Wagner (Germany), E. Stein (Mexico)

1:30 pm

Hypnosis – Alternative to sedation and general anesthesia?

E. Facco (Italy)

1:50 pm

Motivational interviewing as psychosedation in dental practice

N. Anisimova (Russian Federation)

2:00 pm

Anaphylaxis during intravenous sedation - a case presentation

R. Turnbull (Australia)


2:10 pm - 5:30 pm

Potsdam III

Management of Critical Incidents Symposium:
Ten Minutes Saves A Life!

Moderators: B. Al-Nawas (Germany), K. Yoshida (Japan), J. Phero (USA)
Editor: S. Ganzberg (USA)

2:10 pm

Management of Critical Incidents: Fundamentals of Crisis Resource Management (CRM)

J. Phero (USA)

2:30 pm

US and Global Critical Incidents in Dentistry: Need and Demand for CRM Emergency Team Training

J. Weaver (USA)

2:40 pm

Critical Incident Training for Dentists using Local and “Conscious” Sedation: American Dental Association Initiatives

K. Crowley (USA)

2:50 pm

Critical Incident Training for Dentists using Moderate Sedation and General Anesthesia: ADSA Initiatives

K. Reed (USA), R. Kosinski (USA)

3:00 pm

Ten Minutes Saves A Life! Emergency Management Checklists

J. Brady (USA), S. Ganzberg (USA)

3:10 pm – 3:30 pm

Coffee break

3:30 pm

UK Critical Incident Initiatives

C. Holden (UK), N. Robb (UK)

3:40 pm

Israel Critical Incident Initiatives

E Kaufman (Israel)

3:50 pm

Russia Critical Incident Initiatives

S. Rabinovich (Russia)

4:00 pm

Australia Critical Incident Initiatives

D. Stewart (Australia), R. Turnbull (Australia)

4:10 pm

Mexico Critical Incident Initiatives

E. Stein (Mexico)

4:20 pm

Japan Critical Incident Initiatives

T. Ichinohe (Japan), K. Seo (Japan)

4:30 pm

Germany Critical Incident Initiatives

B. Al-Nawas (Germany), W. Jakobs (Germany)

4:40 pm

Symposium Summary

B. Al-Nawas (Germany), W. Jakobs (Germany)

5:00 pm



5:10 pm

Japan presentation IFDAS 2018

T. Ichinohe (Japan)


5:20 pm

Closure IFDAS 2015 Scientific Program

B. Al-Nawas, L. Köper, W. Jakobs (Germany)

5:30 pm

IFDAS 2015 Scientific Program ends

6:00 pm

Depature for Reception and Banquet

Transfer to Classic Remise - a classic car museum - for aperitifs.
The congress banquet and awards ceremony for the “Horace Wells Award” and the “Kubota Award” will be in the restaurant Käfer in the “Bundestag” - the German Parliament building.

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