International Program

8:30 am - 10:40 am

Potsdam III

JDSA Session: Airway Management during Dental Procedures in Japan
(Presentations in English; discussion in Japanese with translation)

Coordinator: Kazu-ichi Yoshida (Kanagawa Dental University)
Chair: K. Seo (Japan), J. Weaver (USA)

8:30 am

Airway management during dental procedures in Japan

K. Seo, K. Yoshida

8:40 am

How to use a supraglottic airway device in dental surgery

T. Sanuki (Nagasaki University)

9:00 am

Airway management during intravenous sedation

K. Kido (Tohoku University)

9:20 am

What is new in difficult airway management?

N. Kishimoto (Osaka Dental University)

9:40 am

Airway management in pediatric anesthesia

M. Shibuya (Hokkaido University)

10:00 am

Case study of airway obstruction

U. Imaizumi (Kanagawa Dental University)

10:20 am

Factors influencing airway management by a laryngeal mask airway during dental treatment under general anaesthesia

Y. Asahi*, N. Usui, R. Fujii, H. Kagamiuchi, S. Omichi, H. Niwa
(*Morinomiya Hospital)

10:30 am


10:40 am – 11:10 am    Coffee Break


11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Potsdam III

Compromised Patients / Chronic Pain

Chair: B. Al-Nawas (Germany), L. Köper (Germany)

11:10 am

Screening and patient selection

Y.-D. Kwon (South Korea)

11:30 am

Patients with the mental health problems in outpatient dental clinics

E. Erilin, E. Anisimova (Russian Federation)

11:40 am

Workflow of dental care for stroke survivors

N. Ryazantsev, E. Anisimova, M. Maksimova (Russian Federation)

11:50 am

Dental care for patients with hypertension

I. Orekhova, E. Anisimova, S. Davidova (Russian Federation)

12:00 pm

Granisetron as a possible anti-gag drug in dentistry

E. Kaufman, F. Barnbaum, V. Dvoyris (Israel)

12:10 pm

Keynote Address: Chronic Pain - the Surgeon’s view

M. Daubländer (Germany)

12:30 pm

Keynote Address: Chronic Pain - the Anesthesiologist’s view

S. Ganzberg (USA)

12:50 pm


1:00 pm – 2:00 pm      Lunch Break


2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Potsdam I


Conference Opening and Plenary Session

2:00 pm

Plenary: Opening Ceremony

B. Al-Nawas (Germany)
W. Schmiedel, Präsident LZÄK Berlin (Germany)
L. Köper (Germany)
W. Jakobs (Germany)
J. Phero (Germany)

2:50 pm

Guest lecture: The right to look human

G. Parker, Mercy Ships (currently in Madagascar)

3:30 pm - 4:00 pm     Coffee Break


4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Potsdam I

Plenary Session

Chair: J. Phero (USA), W. Jakobs (Germany)

4:00 pm

Keynote address in dental anesthesia: Sedation

J. Weaver (USA)

4:20 pm

Keynote address in dental anesthesia: General Anesthesia

S. Ganzberg: (USA)

4:40 pm

Keynote address in dental anesthesia: Sedation in Pediatric Patients

J. A. Giovannitti (USA)


5:10 pm - 6:40 pm

Potsdam III


Chair: S. Yamazaki (Japan), C. Quinn (USA)

5:10 am

Requirements for operator sedation?

N. Robb (UK)

5:30 pm

Intravenous sedation

J. Brady (USA)

5:50 pm

Intramuscular sedation in oral surgery – A clinical study

I. Ingimarsson (Iceland)

6:00 pm

Relative Analgesia / nitrous oxide sedation

A. Preketes, M. Walker, G. Mahoney, R. Turnbull (Australia)

6:10 pm

Assessment of IV sedation services for dentoalveolar treatment at Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust - a service evaluation

A. Al-Mossallami, A. Rennie, K. McVeigh, T. Hall (UK)

6:20 pm

What is wrong with IV Sedation?

J. K. Grainger (Australia)

6:30 pm

Comparison of the effectiveness and duration of moderate sedation in pediatric patients using two different delivery systems, oral vs. nebulized intranasal

E. Stein Rosenbaum (Mexico)


6:40 pm - 7:30 pm

Potsdam III

Consensus Conference on Pediatric sedation and Anesthesia

Chair: J. Weaver (USA), J. Giovannitti (USA)

6:40 pm


K. Reed (USA)

6:50 pm

Pediatric sedation in Germany

F. Mathers (Germany)

7:00 pm

Pediatric sedation in the USA

S. Ganzberg (USA)

7:10 pm

Pediatric sedation in Japan

H. Niwa (Japan)

7:20 pm

Panel discussion

7:30 pm      Get-Together at Hotel InterContinental in the exhibition area




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