Dear friends,

A conference is an opportunity to present findings and learn from others as well as a place to meet friends and share ideas. The exciting city of Berlin with its history and international flair is the perfect venue for this joint conference.

In the words of the 19th century poet Jean Paul, “Berlin is rather a part of the world than a city.”

A medical conference thrives on the information exchange with other disciplines. The active interface between medicine and dentistry is therefore one of the important interdisciplinary aspects of research and clinics that will be highlighted at this joint meeting. The International Dental Congress on Anesthesia, Sedation and Pain Control of The International Federation of Dental Anesthesiology Societies (IFDAS) represents the latest developments in these areas. The 2nd Joint Congress of the German Society for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (DGMKG) and the German Association of Oral Surgeons (BDO) stands for clinically relevant topics related to medicine and dentistry. This unique joint conference is the perfect forum for scientifically supported and clinically significant discussions.

The topics will focus on the important aspects of medically compromised patients, sedation, pain control, emergency medicine and local anesthetics. All of these areas have undergone an important scientific and clinical evolution in the last few years. This meeting will help the practitioner get an overview of the relevant guidelines and scientific data and enable them to transfer this knowledge to their daily work.

“Meeting friends” also means enjoying a relaxing social program. Berlin offers attractive opportunities to do this, therefore we have put together a scientifically interesting program as well as enjoyable social activities.

Let us welcome you as friends in Berlin in 2015.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Bilal Al-Nawas          Dr. Dr. Lür Köper                             Dr. Dr. Wolfgang Jakobs
Congress President                    President DGMKG                            President BDO



Dear friends,

Welcome to Berlin and the Fourteenth International Dental Congress on Anesthesia, Sedation, and Pain Control. With much excitement and anticipation we gather in Germany’s capital and cultural center.

How wonderful that this beautiful city with abundant cultural, scientific, business, political, and historical venues is the home for our gathering of colleagues and friends. On this special year of the twenty-fifth anniversary of Germany’s reunification, we join together from around the globe representing many cultures and practices with the common goal of sharing our knowledge to optimize patient care and safety. I look forward to visiting with you as we enjoy the timely and enlightening presentations given by German and international experts. The Emergency Management Workshops provide a unique opportunity for us to explore the culture and synergy gained from teamwork using crisis resource management skills.

Our scientific program closes with the Management of Critical Incidents Symposium: Ten Minutes Saves A Life! where we collaborate as professionals to optimize global patient safety in dentistry.

Please join the IFDAS Officers and Counsel in sending a heartfelt thanks to the BDO and DGMKG, our gracious German hosts with guidance of Congress President, Prof. Dr. Dr. Bilal Al-Nawas for organizing this exceptional educational and enlightening scientific program that is beautifully complimented with “after hours” social gatherings.

Enjoy it all!

Prof. James C. Phero
President IFDAS

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Prof. Dr. Dr. Bilal Al-Nawas
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery - Plastic Surgery
University Medical Center Mainz
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55131 Mainz  |  Germany

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